Connecting Mind, Body, and Spirit (and How Shiatsu Can Help)

February 21, 2019

It’s not always obvious, but our minds, bodies, and spirits are closely connected. This connection is important, and understanding it can profoundly affect our health and well-being.


Mind and Body


First, think of your physical body and your mind. You can’t see or touch your mind, but you know it’s there creating thoughts. The connection between mind and body is so strong it’s often not clear whether a thought creates a physical feeling or a physical feeling creates a thought.


If you doubt the connection between mind and body, just notice what happens to you physically when you think about something troubling. For example, if you’re thinking you are going to lose your job, worrying about the safety of a loved one, or feeling frustrated or unappreciated, you will literally feel these thoughts in your body.


You may get queasy feeling in your stomach or tightness in your shoulders and neck. You may experience headaches or loss of energy.


And what happens when you don’t feel well because of a virus or injury? Do you find it more difficult to be productive, make decisions, or “think straight” in general?


So, as you can see, the mind/body connection is real.



Connection to Spirit


The relationship between thoughts or physical well-being and spirit may be a bit more difficult to recognise. First, let’s define what we mean by spirit. Spirit—some may call it soul—is our connection to something greater than ourselves and to each other. It’s an interconnection among all beings. When we’re in tune with spirit, we are part of something divine.


There are many ways to describe spirit, but none of them is perfect. After all, spirit is beyond words. But it works in all of us.


If someone you are close too is ill, angry, or out of sort, it affects you, doesn’t it? Similarly, if you are not feeling or thinking well, it’s hard to experience anything outside of yourself. It may be difficult to connect with others or to a higher power.


Well-being of Mind, Body, and Spirit


To truly be well, we need to be well in mind, body, and spirit. If one is suffering, the others will suffer as well. So how can we keep all three aspects of our being healthy? One way is through healing techniques that work on the “life force,” or the energy system of the body. This force does not just affect the physical body. It affects the mind and soul (spirit) as well.


Shiatsu for Wholeness and Well-being


Shiatsu massage is a treatment that can benefit your whole being because it is based on an understanding of how the physical body works as an integrated whole with the mind and spirit. With this understanding of wellness, a trained shiatsu therapist can help improve the well-being of the mind and spirit by working on the physical body. This concept is not well-understood in Western medicine, making shiatsu a very unique type of massage.  


If you experience physical pain or illness, mental imbalance, or spiritual imbalance, shiatsu may help bring you back into balance and improve your well-being by treating your mind, body, and spirit as one.

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